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This past Memorial Day weekend I went camping with a few of my friends at Timberline Lake Campground located in New Gretna, New Jersey just off of Route 72. It was such a great time that it made me visualize the historic neighbor hood I live in, Whitesbog, as a campground.

Perhaps if Whitesbog turned into a camp ground it would educate more people about the New Jersey Pinelands and cranberry farms. I think it would also generate more profit for the Whitesbogs Preservation Trust and it could also possibly be used to help hire more forest rangers to defend the area from poachers, illegal four wheeling, and illegal dumping, which has increased since Governor Christie cut back environment funds. (This decreased the amount of forest rangers).

There are a few problems that halt the idea of a campground in Whitesbog. One is the idea of ripping up an amount of forestry to create spaces for camping sites. Most of the Pinelands are intended to be kept preserved. Another problem is that the nearby Fort Dix Military Base makes a lot of loud noise from practice fire at nearby ranges and often shakes the ground with weaponry testing. Customers would not be happy campers with the noise being a constant annoyance. However, the loud noise and ground shaking only occurs in chilly or rainy weather so as to protect the forest from fire breakout.

I have created a map using Google for fun that exemplifies what the area might look like as a campground. Take a look and tell me what you think. Email me at or comment on this post. Comments do not require sign up or log in.

Whitesbog Camp Resort Activities:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Dog walking
  • Four wheeling
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Pick-your-own blueberries
  • Canoeing
  • Indian Playground

Jennifer Mylod Concert at Whitesbog

Jennifer Mylod conducted an intimate concert on April 1st at 6pm in the Whitesbog Barrel Factory accompanied by her husband, Phil.

Almost every seat in the house was taken. Mylod, who writes all of her songs, played a mixture of Irish sounds and dulcimer music, including songs such as “Old Kitchen Table” and “Princess of Hay”.

The duo played a variety of instruments, using nearly a different set for every song. A few of the instruments included the Mountain Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Bodhran, and Native American Flute.

The instruments were very interesting because I had never seen them before, no have I ever heard them be played live. The audience and the Mylods laughed together as an inside joke was passed between them about Jen’s nervousness to play despite everyone’s thrill of watching her fingers pluck away.

“Had a wonderful turn out last night at Whitesbog Villiage in the old barrel making factory part… it was wonderful to see so many friends – and meet so many new folks as well… Lovely venue… even a sweet lady there from Germany! Thanks all – for coming out to the bogs! :)” – Jennifer Mylod and the Boys of County O’Cean post on their Facebook page, April 2nd

The concert was just 5$ at the door. Two of Mylod’s CDs were for sale – At This Moment, and Mylodic Isle for just $15 each.

My Mom and I bought At This Moment and had her autograph it. It was an enjoyable show, with an unforgettable sound. Not even a fool on April Fool’s could have found a dislike in Mylod’s music.

Effects of Hurricane Irene on Whitesbog

written 8/28 2011

As strong winds at 70 mph and heavy rain thrashed through the area, our power outage hit us at about 2 a.m., later than other towns which got slapped with a power outage at about 10 p.m.

Candles were lit and flashlights were kept close by as I awaited the storm. The porch chimes went wild through the night and I awoke the next morning with the basement flooded about 3 inches. A sump pump usually pumps excess water out but since the power had gone out, the pump could no longer work.

Fortunately the power clicked back on at 2:30pm and the sub pump came back on and drained all the water out. I am now waiting for the concrete floor of the basement to dry. Friends living in surrounded towns of Mount Holly and Lumberton report that their power has not been turned back on yet.

The bogs are full but are not over flowing. Most of the water is being emptied out into a stream through ditches and dams  which do nothing to direct the water to a stable direction. The water continues to pour through the woods undirected into the yards of other nearby homes. There are large amounts of flooding.

Medium to small-sized branches litter the ground and extreme erosion has ripped apart some of the dirt roads. Driving through the dirt roads can be dangerous and may possibly cave in under heavy weight from any type of vehicle.

Cottages remain standing and the General Store which is usually open Saturdays and Sundays seems to be remaining closed due to the weather.

Stay Tuned.

A Jersey Dog’s Run in the Bogs

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I Took Mozart, my Shih Tzu, out for a run in the bogs. The beach-like area that I usually swim in was partially drained to keep the active bogs full of water. Well, really it is cedar water. This allowed Momo to run around and jump and play in the water while I waded up to my ankles and took in the beautiful New Jersey land view. Enjoy the pictures.

Annual Blueberry Festival

Just a reminder that the blueberry festival is coming in a few weeks. As always there will be music, blueberry ice cream, and more.

From :

Saturday, June 25, 2011: Whitesbog Blueberry Festival, Whitesbog Village in Browns Mills, NJ. 10AM-4PM,  $8/carload, Celebrate all things blueberry at this old-fashioned festival.  Great family fun – blueberry picking, historical presentations and tours, arts and country crafts, music, food and lots more.

Here is an article that explains more about the festival for this year:

It is really neat having a festival be in my own backyard!

Whitesbog: A Movie Set for Filming

Another great thing Whitesbogs is awesome for is the natural scenery. I use it for school projects and photography. The weather here is still very cold but the weatherman is claiming it will be warmer next week, around the 50’s.

My brother is very passionate about film and currently attends Bucks Community College for a filming degree. Together, Eric and I created a short film using the woods in my own backyard as the movie set. Eric acted, wrote the script, and directed it. I act in the film as a college girl.

It is about a girl working on a journalism project when she becomes frightened by the mysterious unknown sounds of the woods. The ending has quite a twist.

I’d also like to mention that Eric won first place in a film race contest with his group Young Folks Comedy. They were given a prop (donut) and a theme (missing), and had only 24 hours to make the film. They did an amazing job.

The Most Beautiful Thing.

A Winter Whitesbog Scene

So this winter it has been snowing for what seems like non stop! Although the snow can be ten times more of a hassle for the residents here in Whitesbog, it creates an arctic paradise that not many people get to see. Here are some pictures of Whitesbog taken January 27th.

Wintery days like this I tell my mom to invest in a four wheel drive vehicle. Digging our cars out of the snow is like paving and marking out our own driveway, literally.