Finding the Piney Power of Nature at the Pinelands Discovery Festival

The Pinelands Discovery Festival on sunday October 10th in Whitesbogs village thrived with piney power. I was amazed at how passionate and caring people are about teaching the natural aspects of the Pine lands. Along witht he visitors, I certainly discovered the flora and fauna of New Jersey’s pines.

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At the event of the Pinelands Discovery Festival this past weekend, there was much to see, hear, and do.

There were tables on books about the history of the towns of New Jersey, plants that grow in the piney forests, and animals. The tables also included crafts such as home-made honey and wooden decorative signs as well as promotional tables for Burlington County College events, The Burlington County Times newspaper, and cranberry farming.

Talented musical bluegrass performers played as people sat and listened while they enjoyed the yummy food vendors.

The Ragin Cajun Siberians showcased their dogs. They did demonstrations on how the dogs pull sleds. This was my favorite thing about the festival this year.

The Pollination Station, the same table I spoke about previously, is the one with the monarch butterflies. They are always at every festival held here in the village. Unfortunately, this year they only had two butterflies to release but they still showed the bees on their honeycomb.

I met Mark Skrot at the Burlington County Times newspaper table. He offered me a free paper, and we got into a conversation about journalism and the significance of online news as opposed to print news. He even referred me to the editor of the paper and said I should contact him, which I may do. He was extremely friendly and nice.

At the cranberry table near the general store I met Brenda Conner, who recognized me from this blog. She owns the farms here in Whitesbog with Joe Darlington. They are 5th generation cranberry growers for Joseph J. White Inc. The company was started by Joe’s great great grandfather in 1857, according to the brochure Brenda handed to me. She invited me to go on their cranberry harvest tour around the 22nd for free, which I am so excited about. She seemed really interested in my goal of learning about where I live.

Every day I am gaining more and more piney power.

2 responses to “Finding the Piney Power of Nature at the Pinelands Discovery Festival

  1. I really like the personal approach to your blog. You do a good job of describing your surroundings and painting a mental picture of whatever it is that you are describing in detail. I particularly like your posts with pictures and videos since they really enhance the personal aspect of your blog. I’d suggest taking even more pictures. Maybe take a picture of people you speak with in their natural setting, like your neighbor Ernest for example, who you spoke with recently (if he is willing to have his picture taken). This would really help to make your blog even stronger and more powerful and the pictures would coincide nicely with your description and dialogue.

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