The Berries Will Never Stop Growing in Whitesbog

It is nearing the end of the semester and soon this blog will be run only by my own free will.

The question is whether or not I want to continue with this blog after classes end.

So far I have learned a great deal by using Whitesbog to practice online journalism. I am further educated not only about writing, but about my own historical town of which I reside in.

I look at Whitesbog in a whole new light. It is special, captivating, magical, and tells a story of New Jersey all on its own. I have come to take it to heart and I now have an understanding of the environment. I won’t live here forever, but I know it will continue to hold some of my best college year memories.

Although I am proud of my writing and what I have accomplished so far with this publication, the problem with my blog is that it has not gotten as much traffic or hits as I would have liked.

I would like to take what I have learned from my experience keeping this blog and create a new, broader one. I plan to concentrate on a whole new theme or beat. The stories about Whitesbog didn’t always come for me – I had to come for them.  I know now that I must take every moment of chance with a seriousness and to not take it for granted or let it pass me by.

Any random happening in time could be a chance to record a story or interview. It takes much work and self-discipline to get a piece together to be published.

I believe some part of me will not let this blog completely go. There may be a time where I will be inspired to write another post about some aspect of this cranberry farm, but it will only be once in a while.

Year after year the cranberries and blue berries will continue to grow. And so will I, with an earned knowledge of writing.

Here are what I feel in my opinion are my top five posts from the last 3 and a half months (enjoy!) :

Volunteer and Artist Phyllis Kelty Talks About the Best of Whitesbog

Boy Scouts Troop 31 of Vincentown Builds  Dock Over Whitesbog Pond

Colorful Autumn Trees in Whitesbog

Whitesbog Cranberry Farm Flower Network: Bees, Butterflies, and Cranberries Included

Finding the Piney Power of Nature at the Pinelands Discovery Festival 

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