Boy Scouts Troop 31 of Vincentown Builds Dock over Whitesbog Pond

Today boyscout troop 31 of Vincentown built a lovely wooden dock walk way over the pond to the right of the general store.The troop scoutmaster is Dan Ingling.

Troop 31 of Vincentown, NJ, pose on top of their newly built project in Whitesbog.

The dock will be used for visitors to enjoy the view out on the pond.

This was day three of the eagle project, which they have been working on and planning for about six weeks.I talked to Ian Daniels, 16 years old of Browns Mills New Jersey, who is an Eagle candidate. At full completion, this project will help Ian accomplish his Eagle Rank, which is the highest rank in the Boyscouts of America.

Ian Daniels, who is a scout leader of troop 31

“I met with  R.J. Haas and he said he needed this along with some other things done. This will help a little bit and get a part of it done,” said Daniels.

R.J. Haas is an artist and a volunteer worker of Whitesbogs. Daniels got the idea to help out with the Whitesbogs area from Haas’s list of things that needed to be done. Building the dock is a deed for the scouts.

“I think it proves to them [the troop] that if you put your mind to it, you can build a lot of good things,” said Daniel.

Brian Schmelia, a facilitator of the scouts chimes in. “The project allows the kids to gain carpentry skills, to see it on paper, to actually go through the steps to make it a reality.”

“It was all scout labor,” said Schmelia.

Despite the weather and other things getting in the way, the troop stuck to their project.

“There were some minor set backs to overcome,” said Daniels.

This is one of many projects in Whitesbog the troop has on their list, which they have almost accomplished.

“We’re gonna come back on a later date to put a plaque up and do some touch ups,” said Schmelia.

The troop finished their day of construction around 2:30pm with a sense of satisfaction  and achievement.

“I’m extremely proud of my troop,” said Daniels. “It feels like stress has been taken off my shoulders, and I’m extremely happy we did it.”

Daniels is a very dedicated member of the troop and remains committed to his leadership role.

“He [Ian Daniels] is a very good role model for us,” adds young Brian Schmelia Jr. “As scouts, we look up to him.”

The scouts enjoy the finished dock, which they built on their own.

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