Volunteer and Artist Phyllis Kelty Talks About the Best of Whitesbog

Phyllis Kelty is a regular volunteer worker for Whitesbogs. She works at the General Store once a month. Her duties include answering visitor questions, giving information about Whitesbog, selling merchandise and working the register. She has been volunteering for twelve years and counting. She currently resides in Columbus, New Jersey.

Phyllis Kelty

On Halloween Sunday, I found her in the store on shift, working on two paintings. Her paintings showed off her artistic talent. She explained to me that her paintings are replica’s of artist Robert Weiss outdoor paintings. She continues to volunteer because she personally wants to see a part of New Jersey’s past preserved. She also enjoys talking to the visitors who show interest in the area and the historical past.

“I think this is very important to be preserved because of the fact that it has worth as the founder of the blueberry as it is today,” said Kelty. “I like the people that come in. Many of them are nature lovers.”

What makes Whitesbogs important to the community of New Jersey, and why should you come and visit? Phyllis Kelty can tell you.

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