Effects of Hurricane Irene on Whitesbog

written 8/28 2011

As strong winds at 70 mph and heavy rain thrashed through the area, our power outage hit us at about 2 a.m., later than other towns which got slapped with a power outage at about 10 p.m.

Candles were lit and flashlights were kept close by as I awaited the storm. The porch chimes went wild through the night and I awoke the next morning with the basement flooded about 3 inches. A sump pump usually pumps excess water out but since the power had gone out, the pump could no longer work.

Fortunately the power clicked back on at 2:30pm and the sub pump came back on and drained all the water out. I am now waiting for the concrete floor of the basement to dry. Friends living in surrounded towns of Mount Holly and Lumberton report that their power has not been turned back on yet.

The bogs are full but are not over flowing. Most of the water is being emptied out into a stream through ditches and dams  which do nothing to direct the water to a stable direction. The water continues to pour through the woods undirected into the yards of other nearby homes. There are large amounts of flooding.

Medium to small-sized branches litter the ground and extreme erosion has ripped apart some of the dirt roads. Driving through the dirt roads can be dangerous and may possibly cave in under heavy weight from any type of vehicle.

Cottages remain standing and the General Store which is usually open Saturdays and Sundays seems to be remaining closed due to the weather.

Stay Tuned.

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