Inside Look at the History of Whitesbog Village

Whitesbog still remains a cultivator of the blueberry and cranberry. Its history is a long one, and along the way has developed the blueberry into what it is today.

History allows us to know how something was made and where it came from. You can never really understand something unless you learn the background.

It allows us to appreciate the existence of a place because of the events that took place there. These past events turn into stories that get passed down which explain the roots from which it grew from.

The land started off with the Iron industry, which made the dirt perfect for berry growing. Elizabeth White helped research and discover a new and better way to cultivate the blueberry. [The history of Whitesbog: In the beginning – The Village]

Whitesbog is currently managed, run, and cared for by the Whitesbog Preservation Trust. It is non profit because it is granted funds and is cared for by local volunteers. Whitesbog is famous for  the yearly festivals it hosts. [Enjoy Blueberries and Pine Barrens History at Whitesbog Village]

There are many articles and old photographs of Whitesbog that can be reviewed. Many people helped build Whitesbog, such as Charles Beckwith, Thomas Darlington, and Frederick Coville. [Taming the Wild Blueberry & The People that Built Whitesbog]

Whitesbog contains a cranberry farm which is still in business today. The business is called Joesph J White Inc. and still continues to sell cranberries and blueberries. It is still owned by the generations passed down from the original owner, Col. James Fenwick. [Joesph J. White Inc: About Us]

The Pinelands National Reserve was created to protect and conserve New Jersey farms in the Pine Lands. Whitesbog was purchased under the Green Acres Land Acquisition Act in 1967 and is protected by the Reserve. Elizabeth White is the first to ever use cellophane wrapping to package the blueberries. [South Jersey Overlook : Whitesbog Village]

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