Highlighting the Hot Spots at Whitesbog with Further Research

I am in the midst of creating a virtual map of Whitesbogs through Googlemaps. The map will feature the most interesting hidden, secretive, exclusive spots around Whitesbogs at which different activities can be enjoyed. By looking at the map, one will be able to locate the spots and explore them.

The map will have text explaining what is at the specific site and what you can do there, along with a picture or video. The map can be printed out for personal use or it can be searched on the internet from a smart phone.

With this map I hope to inspire newcomers and curious travelers to visit Whitesbogs to take pleasure in the nature, beauty, recreational offers and fruit of the New Jersey Pinelands.

A few things to discover are the small beach available to the public, the Indian hut, and a brand new small museum.

The Indian hut was built in Whitesbogs for educational purposes by the Burlington County Pinelands Institute. I want to find out why it was built or put there and if it is still being used. I want to find out what other purposes the hut serves, such as whether it is for demonstration or is it for decoration.

A museum further down the road from the General Store was recently renovated and set up for exhibition functions. I plan to learn what exactly is featured in the building and what the hours of operation are.

The small beach is an unused old cranberry bog. I have swum there many times during the summer. It is secluded which gives off a homely and private feeling. The water is never too deep and it sometimes warms up from the sun. Wild blueberries grow alongside the trail leading to the beach which can be picked and eaten freely. The beach is sandy enough to build castles or dig holes. I want to observe to see if there is more than one beach.

Stay tuned for the virtual map of Whitesbogs, currently in progress!

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