Tundra Swans at Whitesbog

One thing I am super excited about is the visit of the tundra swans.

Whitesbog is one of few places that the swans migrate within New Jersey. They start arriving in December, and I look forward to it! I have never seen them before.

Photo taken by Jim88 of Panoramio.com

Have you ever watched the swan scene in the movie The Notebook? I can only imagine what beauty and purity the swans will bring to the cranberry bogs. It is perfect for a winter romance, a winter of love.

Whitesbog Preservation Trust holds a tundra swan tour in February, but I highly suggest anyone interested in seeing the swans take a visit to Whitesbogs during December through March.

Watch the romantic swan kiss scene from the movie the Notebook, starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

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