What the Pine Barrens Needs – More Police Patrol and Less Off Road Vehicles at Night

Although I am unsure about how often the police drive through the woods to do a check up, there are several reasons why I think that Whitesbog and the Pine Barrens should have more police patrol.

Often I feel like as a small community we are forgotten about because we are on the outer edge of town and we are surrounded by the military base of Fort Dix.

If we had more police watch in our tiny neighborhood there would be a decrease in:

  1. stolen items
  2. vandalism
  3. the amount of outsiders/strangers at night
  4. dirt bikers and quads
  5. alcoholic drinking in the woods

These are a few incidents that should be brought to attention and be kept a watchful eye on. I can mention a few cases where police could have prevented crime happening within the area Whitesbog and the Pine Barrens’ wooded trails.

We kept our bikes right behind our house next to the back porch. At night they were well hidden in dark shadows. My mom and I woke up the next morning to find one of the bikes stolen. Someone had walked right up behind our house and grabbed it. I’m sure some of my neighbors have had a couple of things stolen as well.

Some drunk quad riders ran out of gas near our house right as my mom parked her van, home from work. One of them came over to my mom and asked her if she would drive them to go get gas and she gave them a flat “no”.  I don’t blame her; it is hard to do a friendly favor for someone when all they do is keep you up at night by speeding the quads around at 2,3 or 4 am in the morning while you are trying to sleep. The quads make loud vroom noises and they speed through town pretty fast.

I worry they will ram into one of the cottages or smash into a tree.

Someone told me about a recent story of a teen speeding his truck late at night playfully around the trails and crashed into one of the bogs. He had to be pulled out with a tow truck.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if the dirt bikers, trucks, and quads destroy some of the nature and wildlife of the pine forests. These drunk off-road vehicle drivers are the main problem happening at Whitesbog and the surrounding forests.

I think something needs to be done about it, even if it does include more police patrol in this area.

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