Whitesbog is No Ghost Town but it is Still a Little Scary

I sit here by my window and watch the pepper speckled trees sway back and forth viciously. They are happily dancing in celebration of autumn.

My full hummingbird feeder swooshes side to side in rhythm with the trees, making me finally realize that they have left, gone for the season. I know they will return though. It’s never good-bye but see you later.

The chimes are ringing like mad.The wooden chair on the porch continually  rocks by itself.

During this time of year I wonder how places where it literally is a utopia of a never-ending summer could ever witness the true effects of Halloween and fall. Their pumpkins must rot too quickly or maybe they don’t have any pumpkins at all. Maybe they are just made of plastic.

All throughout the village and the surrounding areas not only leaves fall; the majority of the pine needles make their way to stab the ground.

Across the street in a main trail through the woods there is an orange sign with black letters inviting anyone who drives by to a haunted hay ride with a small fee.

The jersey devil stories pop up repeatedly, each one different from the next. Old stories, new stories, and altered stories are shared in tradition of Halloween. Some say he has visited the village and has appeared throughout the town of Browns Mills, but with today’s journalistic technology I’m sure someone would have gotten a picture or video of him by now.

Whitesbog is considered one of the many ghost towns of the Pine Barrens. However it not vacant at all or even ghostlike for that matter. Families still inhabit the houses (including my mom and I) while events and activities are always in the happening. There have been no signs of a haunting what so ever (besides the occasional sighting of the jersey devil). Whitesbogs is not a town anymore, but it is part of the town Browns Mills. It is basically like a small neighborhood with a large farm attached to it.

Although I will admit that I still get my scares here and there. When I come home at night sometimes around 3am, I turn my car off and make a run for the front door up the porch. What would happen if I didn’t frantically run and just stood there in the pitch blackness of the woods? The werewolf man or the boogie monster might get me.

I have an automatic sensor outside light that turns on when someone walks in front of it. It has turned on by itself a couple of times without anyone there. I just tell my self it is only a rabbit hopping in front of it…

One response to “Whitesbog is No Ghost Town but it is Still a Little Scary

  1. I love the detail you use to describe your stories; they’re completely vivid and I see everything you write. The stories of the pine barrens do fascinate me so this story was very eye-catching. Plus the ghost stories and how the town you live in simply isn’t a town anymore, but a farm intrigue me and it makes for a really great post.

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