Festivals, Events, Tours & Things I Haven’t Done in Whitesbog

I can’t believe I have been living here in Whitesbog for over a year and I still have not experienced the entire village for myself. A few things I have done are things such as taking a little stroll through the nature trail, drive in my car around the bogs, pick from the wild blueberry bushes, swim in the beach-like accessible bog for the public, and attend the yearly festivals.

The festivals, such as the Blueberry Festival and the Pinelands Discovery Festival, are truly educational and interesting. All I had to do was walk out in my backyard and the festival is right there. At the festivals there are always folk-type bands with acoustic guitars and junk food to eat. It is fun. I have really enjoyed them. They also have crafts for people to buy such as bird houses, jewelry, paintings, photography, and clothes.

At last year’s Discovery Festival I got to release a monarch butterfly. This is my favorite thing I have ever done living here so far. Honey was placed on my forefinger, and then the butterfly was placed gently on it. The butterfly’s long tongue came out to drink it until it was ready to fly off. I couldn’t feel the tongue at all but it looked so cute. It sat on my finger for about ten minutes until it flew away.

I remember the kiosk people putting a very small circle sticker on the butterfly with numbers or letters on it. This is so that they could track the butterflies as they tried to make it to Mexico. I have forgotten how it works, but this was done so that if someone found the butterfly, either dead or alive, they could enter the number on the sticker into the website in order to report the location of where it currently was (or something along those lines).

At the kiosk there were a few netted cages. One had cocoons hatching. In the next one you could watch the butterflies in their stages of drying off their wings. Then the third one had the butterflies dried off and ready to be released. It was very educational in teaching about the butterflies. It was a really neat experience. I believe the kiosk was “Race for the Border: Monarch Butterflies” by Dan and Luanne Weekes, which can be found on this flyer.

I released a monarch butterfly at the Discovery Festival of 2009

Many recreational activities and events are held here in the village and yet I have not experienced them. I hope to one day accomplish doing everything on my “To Do List” here.

To Do List

  1. Dirt bike riding through the pine barren trails around my house
  2. Attend Moonlight Walk
  3. Venture all the way through the entire nature trail
  4. Volunteer Work Day
  5. Take Whitesbogs Village Tour
  6. Take my Shih Tzu named Mozart dog walking around the bogs
  7. Animal and tree watch/ scavenge hunt
  8. Take a look at/ buy stuff from general store

*I may add more to this list from time to time

What have you done at Whitesbog? Tell me!

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