Whitesbog’s Dark Side is Still My Home Whether I Like it or Not

The Pine Barrens can be the worst place to live when a ferocious storm happens. There are various dangers and disadvantages of living in nature’s embrace. The environment of Whitesbogs can certainly have a dark side to it. These concerns make me wonder which side of the force the surrounding nature is on.

Just last week, an hour-long mini hurricane hit our area and made the trees go wild. Needless to say, power lines were knocked out and trees slapped the roads. A tree located right behind our house came down, landing on the wires erected between the two telephone poles. It ripped the wires right out of our house walls.

The damage!

Three of our inhabited cottages including ours lost power electricity. Unfortunately, because we are a very small community, it took an entire night for our power to come back on because the PSE&G people did not come until early morning. The next day we found out that they could not find us in the pitch blackness of the woods. I was quite annoyed to not have access to the internet but I did get good sleep.

It was quite comical hanging out in the house by candle light while the power was out. I managed to even cook spaghetti on the gas-powered stove (thank god, girl’s gotta eat!) in the semi-darkness. I thought about the 1800’s, and how people who once worked and lived on this plantation has to survive in this manner. And no, I do not believe there are any old ghosts who live here. I feel too comfortable in my house to know if one even exists.

The pine barrens have a far history of forest fires which is another fear I have of living here. The piney wood is so dry it catches fire like leeches clinging to blood. Then it becomes a race spreading so quickly, as if it purposely aims to consume the wildlife and brush.

I’m not even sure what would happen to me and my mother if a fire broke out around the cottages. We’d probably make a run for the bogs, jumping into the water like frantic hungry birds lunging for fish, ducking under the watery shield to protect ourselves.

A couple of years ago back in 2007 before I moved here, a major forest fire broke out around Route 539, a major road nearby Whitesbogs. It was shut down and closed off until the fire was able to be subsided. Fire  has no control, and very often we can’t control it when it does happen. But one important thing we can control is our actions to try to prevent the fires from happening.

After all this is my current home, and we made a deal that as long as it protects me, I will do the same. Okay, I know houses can’t talk. But if mine did it would certainly comply. My home of Whitesbogs may have the dark side and good side evened out, but together we make a force. Together we’re a team.

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