How I Ended Up Here at this Whitesbog Cranberry Farm

My name is Michelle Brown and I currently live in a tiny historic village named Whitesbogs in New Jersey. I moved here a year ago from a busy town named Mount Holly due to the mortgage crisis and the hard-to-pass-up rent price offered in the village. At first I was not too happy to be downgrading to dirt roads, a smaller bedroom and no cellphone service. It has been difficult adapting to inconveniences such as the longer road trips to get anywhere, the random wildlife, ongoing farming activities, tourists and the open, quiet, solitude.

Through this blog I hope to gain a discovered appreciation for this place that I have come to call my home. I want to find out about the surrounding I live in, and what lies outside the box of just living in my small three bedroom cottage. I need to find peace as a resident of the Whitesbogs Cranberry village and develop a valid reasoning to stop complaining about why I can’t stand living here.

I plan to share experiences, stories, current happenings, and history about Whitesbogs village. Whitesbogs is a farm which grows cranberries and blueberries. The preserved plantation is a local tourist attraction. Farm workers once occupied the cottages in the village back in the 1800’s. The farm is still functioning currently with volunteers and workers who all reside outside the village. I look forward to researching about Whitesbogs and updating about what new knowledge I have obtained.

I am excited to interview the neighbors, volunteers, workers, and Board of Trustees of Whitesbogs. I plan on taking various pictures of the beautiful scenery and posting them on here for all to see. I want to share my memories and experiences and relate them to the current news of the village. Please check back here to The Cranberry Blue and continue to read my posts. I promise they will be as tart, fresh and sweet as a New Jersey cranberry.

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